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At Shakoori Law Group, we provide all the bankruptcy legal services that clients throughout Orange County need. Since 1998 Rachelle Shakoori (the founder), has exceptional experience helping individuals and small businesses in Southern California obtain relief under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. She has successfully represented hundreds of consumers in the bankruptcy court in Orange County and is ready to help you, too...

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Bankruptcy Process

bankruptcy-process After your initial consultation with our experienced Orange County bankruptcy attorney, we will ask that you provide us with information related to credit card debt, any lawsuits, judgments, foreclosures or repossessions, tax liens or potential liens, student loans, information about your assets, i.e. homes, properties, cars, jewelry, cash, and insurance policies. After gathering and analyzing this information our Orange County and Los Angeles...

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Bankruptcy Information

bankruptcy-information Many people have been misinformed about bankruptcy. Reviewing the following brief passages will help you to become better informed about the bankruptcy process.Some of the topics are as follow: 10 Myths About Bankruptcy, What To Do If A Bill Collector Calls? How will my Bankruptcy Affect My Credit, Preparing To File Bankruptcy, Chapter By Chapter - Which One's Best For You? How Much Will My Bankruptcy Cost? Do I Need A Bankruptcy? Bankruptcy Fraud...

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Consumer Bankruptcy

consumer-bankruptcy One of the advantages of choosing Shakoori Law Group to handle your bankruptcy is our ability to look carefully at every client’s unique situation and determine the best way to get him or her out of debt. At our firm, we don’t tell clients that we can’t help them; no matter what their circumstances are, we will do everything possible to get them some financial relief. At Shakoori Law Group, we believe in helping people in financial trouble. That's why we focus soley on bankruptcy relief... 

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Chapter 7

chapter-7 While there are many steps involved in filing for and getting relief through Chapter 7 bankruptcy, we're here to help our clients every step of the way. When you meet with our Santa Ana Chapter 7 attorneys, we will review your finances to see whether you are likely to pass the "means test" that is used to determine if your income qualifies you for Chapter 7. If your income is too high or you do not meet the "means test" for any other reason...

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Chapter 13

chapter-13 There are several reasons why Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be a better choice for you than Chapter 7. These include: Your income is too high to meet the "means test" for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You have assets that would not be exempt in Chapter 7 and would have to be liquidated. You have debts that would not be discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You are significantly behind on mortgage or car payments....

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